MEGARA Newsletter Issue 6 | Q2 | 2021 - Vermeg
MEGARA Newsletter Issue 6 | Q2 | 2021

MEGARA Newsletter Issue 6 | Q2 | 2021



Welcome to the 2021 second MEGARA Newsletter. In this Quarter, we are focusing on reducing costs for our clients through an optimization of requested information from data providers and an enhancement of the cross-product processing.

Revamping the Bloomberg Interface

In order to help our customers reducing the cost of data and information, VERMEG has redesigned and optimized the volume of data to request from Bloomberg data provider. The focus has been on controlling the scope of instruments and fields needed. Searching for instruments data and prices is now offered through automatic batches as well as on demand. The received feeds from Bloomberg are automatically processed and integrated in MEGARA.

The new features allow to define the scope of instruments to enquire, manually or automatically, from the existing MEGARA instrument database. This scope can be adjusted by users if needed. The frequency of the enquiries can be adjusted. The types of data cover financial instruments, prices and indices.

This market interface has been implemented in the XChanger module, ensuring high flexibility in mapping fields to the internal database. Therefore, this interface is available for other VERMEG’s products such as SOLIAM.

Enhance management for derivatives

MEGARA coverage of derivatives is now enhanced with new features :

⁄ Support of new product classes :

  • Interest rate Swaps ;
  • Future Rollover ;
  • FRC, SCC, Plain Vanilla Swaps (Structured derivative for the Brazilian Market).

⁄ Valuation of Unlisted derivatives.

⁄ P&L calculation : for futures, MEGARA has now capability to calculate unrealized Profit and Loss daily.

⁄ Maturity and Exercise :  When applicable processing of the underlying in case of maturity or exercise.

New features in fund administration

We continue extending the coverage of MEGARA to new activities and operations. For instance, fund administration activities are now becoming part of the core coverage of MEGARA. All of this aims to offer one single platform for securities industry.

In Q2 2021, new features are now available for fund administrators :

⁄Calculation of Performance fees & Benchmarking ;

⁄ Valuation of FIDC ;

⁄ Handling of calendar by Fund.

Digital Client Experience

MEGARA offers a Web Portal to setup the communication between financial service providers and their clients. This client Web Portal has been redesigned with a new architecture based on Angular and REST API technology.


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