Custodix : Simplify the management of your custodian interfaces

If you need to integrate data from different custodian banks or fund administrators on a regular basis, you are probably experiencing automation and file processing problems. VERMEG simplifies the integration of these data in your information system.

We can intervene either in Services mode by allowing you to outsource these processes, or in Solution mode by providing you with our tools and best practices.


Custodix is based on a solution initially developed for custodians. Over the years, it has become the reference solution for managing data exchange and processing for all VERMEG projects. Today, this solution is systematically offered as a complement to our business applications Soliam and Solife, in our projects carried out in the banking and insurance sectors.

Custodix is also at the heart of the Solfia strategy (VERMEG’s subsidiary in Luxembourg) to provide BPO services, including the collection of custodian data.

Daily management and monitoring of developments in custodian interfaces require significant functional and technical expertise:

  • Functional expertise, because we are dealing with complex business data, with new asset classes, mapping issues between systems or regulatory data such as Solvency 2 “transparency” data (asset transparency, or look-through, is the line-by-line reconstitution of funds held in a securities portfolio).
  • Technical expertise is also required to handle the various formats offered such as Swift MT/MX messages or proprietary files from your counterparts.

To help you increase flexibility and reduce your costs, manages your data from multiple custodians and returns it to you in the format that can be most easily integrated into your information system. Our service allows you greater flexibility when you need to integrate new partners or keep up with format changes such as the annual Swift updates.

A flexible solution, dedicated services

Custodix A flexible solution, dedicated services

Download our brochure about Custodix (PDF).

How we can help

Variabilize and reduce your costs
Optimize the management and monitoring of your flows
Opt for the security of scalable maintenance