Collaborating for Success: The Future of RegTech with Deborah Young – S2E12

Collaborating for Success: The Future of RegTech with Deborah Young – S2E12

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Hosted By Jawad Akhtar

Episode show notes

Welcome to FinTalk by VERMEG, the leading podcast in FinTech and RegTech that addresses the most pressing topics in the financial and regulatory technology industry. 

In this episode, our host Jawad Akhtar is joined by renowned industry expert Deborah Young, CEO of the RegTech Association. Together, they delve into the importance of trust and collaboration in the RegTech industry and predict its future. 

This episode of FinTalk by VERMEG covers: 

  • The significance of trust in RegTech 
  • The role of collaboration among regulators, institutions, software vendors, and government 
  • The potential of RegTech in various societal issues, like digital identity 
  • The function and impact of the RegTech Association 
  • The effects of regulatory changes on the industry 
  • The embrace of innovation within institutions 

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Jawad Akhtar:

Deborah Young:

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Episode highlights

“RegTech brings that layer of trust, not just for financial institutions, but any regulated industry.” – Deborah Young 


“The members of our association, like Vermeg, are part of this global centre of excellence.” – Deborah Young


“Regulators need to be constantly looking at the options not only for the monitoring that they do, but it can also be for their own application of technology to enable them to do a faster job with more transparency.” – Deborah Young 


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