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Individual Life Insurance Digital Journey

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Today’s insurers face consumers of all generations who have different needs, but especially a younger and more dynamic population who expect rapid and fast answers to their requests. Insurers know that they need to be nimble and to quickly adapt. This awareness and a better understanding of their customers’ evolving life events, as well as changes in the environment, drives the insurer to choose the appropriate tool for real-time and tailored products. Insurer’s understanding of the customer’s journey hence improves the experience for the policyholder.


VERMEG created end-to-end and seamless journeys to better help insurers serve their customers. Journeys enable brokers and distribution managers to construct the offer with the relevant pricing. The result is a tailored and relevant package to customer needs made possible thanks to the dynamic adaptation of the offer through product configuration.


The Individual Life insurance journey builds the proposal to manage the completion and compliance and provide the necessary framework to enable the broker to comply with advisory obligations. The journeys enhance productivity as brokers are guided in their steps, hence providing better risk management and efficient workload management and monitoring.

VERMEG works with insurers to build the right journey for your needs, tailored to your IT organization and business needs.

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Seamless Underwriting System and Risk Acceptance
Dynamic Offers Through Highly Configurable Products.
Accelerated time-to-market