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Leveraging Digitalization to Modernize Consumer Finance Journeys

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Providing credit – from home equity, auto, and personal loans to mortgages and consumer cards – to the right customer at a competitive rate, while complying with local regulations, can be a complex equation to solve. Your applications as your systems should not only help drive your business but also enable you to develop customer relationships and to meet the evolving needs of your customers and an increasingly global marketplace.


VERMEG can accommodate evolving consumer finance markets and ensure that the right solution reaches the right customer. Our proven solutions address the unique challenges of your business, from accelerating processes and reducing paper costs through streamlining and enriching the customer experience. The consumer finance market now has consumers who are looking for customized products, better tools to track and monitor their financial situation in real-time. Finding and keeping customers has become challenging. Our solutions are ready for customization with re-configurable features, focused on user experience and not just operational efficiency.

VERMEG is here to help. We provide you with a more focused approach to optimize client acquisition and retention, and to respond to their needs and situation changes. Our Digital Journeys are tailored to your needs and meet your end-customers’ expectations. The journey combines analysis, customer knowledge, and artificial intelligence to enable you to increase performance and meet your increasing customers’ expectations, strengthening your relationship with your base customers and ensuring their loyalty.

How we can help

Increased conversion rate
Up-selling made easier thanks to enhanced customer data
Significant reduction in operating costs


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