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Assisting P&C insurers to be more competitive

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Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers are facing changing customer behavior, digital disruption, regulatory pressures, technology advancements, and competitive marketplace. Insurers therefore need to rethink their strategy as well as their operating models to have a sustainable growth and continue to engage their customers.


Massai is a comprehensive solution that assists insurers throughout the entire insurance lifecycle. It has the following administration modules: product, policy, claim and accounting.

The architecture built around enables insurers to deploy an extranet and a front web site in white label, in accordance with the activity of the network distribution. It uses a secured open interface to external systems through web services, hence enabling insurance partners to get pricing and create new subscriptions.

In addition, Massai helps insurers focus on their business and can handle middle-office processes in Business Process Outsourcing mode, hosts infrastructure, manages software, and provide a portfolio reporting tool.

How we can help

Insurance Processing covering car, moto, home, individual accident and other various risks
End-to-end management from subscriptions to claims
Modular extranet site for brokers to manage a large scope of policies and claims