Banking – Challenge – Securities Post-Trade Processing

Optimize Your Post-Trade Processing and Mitigate Counterparty Risk

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Automated post-trade processing helps companies expedite trade confirmation, mitigates clearing-related risk, and removes operational bottlenecks. VERMEG’s solution automates and centralizes confirmation and trade matching so dealers, traders, portfolio managers, compliance, and operations teams within your company share the same real-time view of all post-trade processing activity and data for each transaction.


Institutions in capital markets are now under increasing pressure. They have to deal with regulatory compliance, the narrowing fees and margins, along with demands from customers for greater transparency and real-time data are all forcing capital markets intermediaries to adapt. It is now therefore vital to find new sources of profitable growth, all the while cutting costs and mitigating risks. Technology stepped in to address an increasingly important source of cost, post-trade operations. Megara is a single, unified solution that covers all post-trade processing requirements. It is designed with a 3-view architecture: operations view, client view, and market view. This allows for easier integration of new markets and clients’ requirements without impacting existing operations. Our solution automatically routes orders and allocations to counterparties in real-time and ensures central or local matching by rules-based functionality. Exceptions can be centrally managed, and trades swiftly confirmed/affirmed by T+0 (same day). It additionally has embedded help for contract directions and helps well-known notification protocols, formats, and methods.

How we can help

Minimized operational and counterparty risk
Confidence in monitoring notifications
Build trust with control and compliance