Newsletter SOLIFE Issue 11 | Q3 | 2022

Newsletter SOLIFE Issue 11 | Q3 | 2022


BIA : Individual Affiliation Form

BIA – Individual Affiliation Form – is a strategic offer that provides a seamless enrolment process via configurable digital forms and direct integration into your Information System. The burden is shifted to the company and to the employees while offering a vision of the indicators to the business managers.

It is a flexible solution designed in order to accelerate the affiliation campaigns, through a Configurable System, an Intuitive Interface with an autonomous Software, enabling the Electronic Signature, in order to meet the Client Satisfaction.

The strengths of the BIA offer are:

Selfcare offer

100% filling

Ergonomic dashboards

Gain in reliability

Management of all affiliate workflows

Configurable by business users

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A testimonial from Magalie SUSSIAU, Diot-SIACI – VERMEG User Day 2022


2021 was the beginning of the collaboration of Diot-SIACI with VERMEG to deploy a new front tool of affiliation for the employees of our clients. A project conducted in few months, for a launch at end of the year, meeting the objective dedlines.”, said Magalie SUSSIAU, Customer Services Consultant at Diot-SIACI.


Diot-SIACI offers tailor-made contracts to their customers, and the solution of online affiliation had to be totally customizable in order to offer services that meet their needs. The customers are expecting digitalized services, customized, allowing satisfactory response times and processing times.

Watch the full testimonial online.

Back-office user Digital Journey : Switch Endorsement

Continuing the revamping of SOLIFE screens, the switch is now available!

VERMEG is delighted to announce the production launch by one of its prestigious customers of its newborn back-office user journey: Switch endorsement.

From the initiation of the transaction to the completion of its financial operation, the digital journey Switch endorsement, composed of three main steps: creation, acceptance workflow & synthesis, is launched in the Front-End from the policy consultation.


The revamp of SOLIFE Front End screen : Switch Endorsement

The Policy consultation first presents the main data of the contract in a clear and readable way.

image 1

From the policy endorsement widget :

The user can view the last endorsements present on the policy as well as their status;

he can view all the endorsements present on the policy via the link “see history

The user can launch a new switch endorsement considering the business constraints;

The user can choose the sub-type of his endorsement (e.g. Amount per fund, Percentage per fund or Units per funds) as well as its effective date.

The screen of Entering transaction step displays the form to enter in order to create the endorsement

iScreen 2

From the Entering transaction screen :

2 ways to fill the mandatory fields for the endorsement creation :

  • Upload a PDF document with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allowing to fill automatically all mandatory fields
  • Enter manually enter the mandatory fields for the creation of his endorsement

The user can modify the subtype of his endorsement and the form will adapt it according to the new subtype; and correct the fields that do not comply with the validation rules launched.

The screen of Required documents step displays the list of documents linked to the endorsement.

iScreen 3

From the Required document screen :

Throughout the endorsement entering, key information of the policy (e.g. Actuarial value, a set of tags like pending bill or pending claim ….) and his endorsement summary are available

The user can enter an individual date of receipt for each document, enter a single date for all documents or derogate for one or all of the required documents then save ;

The screen of Acceptance step displays all rules to be accepted by the connected user or by other users.

iScreen 4

From the Acceptance screen :

The user can accept or refuse each of his rules (Legal or business rules), enter a specific comment for each choice then save and validate the step;

The rules are displayed with a distinctive color code according to their degree of importance

As for the other steps, the user can post comments and view the other users’ comments;

The user can cancel his endorsement at this step, or all other steps (previous or next)

The screen of Synthesis step displays the progress of the financial operation linked to the endorsement

iScreen 5

From the Synthesis screen :

The user can view the status of the financial operation, the reasons for waiting, any technical errors and checking exceptions;

The user can view all the financial flows related to his switch endorsement  :

  1. A synthesis of outgoing and incoming funds as well as their position before and after the switch and the completion of the financial operation;
  2. The fees and taxes in an aggregated and in a detailed manner.

VERMEG is delighted to achieve again IEC/ISO 27001 certification


VERMEG is delighted to announce that we have achieved IEC/ISO 27001 certification again, following a successful audit by Ernst & Young CertifyPoint of our headquarters in Tunis and the international offices in New York, London, Paris, Brussels and Luxemburg. We achieved an almost perfect score.

ISO27001 is an essential international standard for information security. This, along with our SOC II Type 2 certification, clearly indicates our commitment to delivering quality and secure services to our customers globally.

Congratulations to all VERMEG teams, and here’s to a safe and secure environment!

Meet us at Reavie 2022 in Cannes

VERMEG will be attending REAVIE 2022, the must-attend event for Life and Health Insurers, that will take place from the 12th to the 14th October 2022 at the Majestic Barrière Hotel in Cannes.

reavie event 2022

Conferences with 50 speakers to decrypt current events in the sector, led by the Reavie Association.

A great opportunity to network and exchange around insurance topics.

Let’s meet there !