Financial Markets and Securities Services


On financial and securities markets, your business is two-fold: Plumbers for process and cost efficiency, visionaries for prospective strategy.

But now volatility of the markets and unpredictable attitude of key players are raising new challenges: uncertainty is growing among visionaries…

And an increasing pressure is bending all Market Infrastructures: from market-led initiatives (T2S) and standardization (OTC, Collateral process) to disruptive attempts (Blockchain)…

  • Comprehensive suite for post-trade processing
  • Multi-entity, multi-markets and hub servicing
  • Local and global custody
  • Automated settlement
  • End-to-end corporate actions processing

Megara for Financial Market and Securities Services is a comprehensive and modular Suite covering Post-Trade processing.

Megara is designed with up-to-date technology with its innovative 3 Views architecture: Operations View, Client View and Market View. This allows Megara to easily integrate new Markets and client requirements without impacting existing operations.

Whether you are a Key Player on Market Infrastructures, a Local or Global Custodian, an Asset servicer, with Megara, take advantage of a native Swift-certified Solution, along with native ISO 20022 messaging, based upon Best-of-breed Data Management and Position Keeping Core

Megara by Vermeg for Financial Markets & Securities Services Web portal Settlement Corporate Actions API enabled Collateral Management Compliance Stock Lending Cash Management P a lmy ra Add-Ons /Components (DataWarehouse ,...) e Megara by Vermeg Data Management Position-Keeping Message Broker / Connectivity Built-in Audit Trail Compliance & Regulatory

Retail &/or Wholesale, Local &/or Global: Operate everywhere

Reduce cost and complexity: One Hub

Extend your Business by covering all the Value Chain (or just select one Module): DvP, Settlement, Corporate Actions, Collateral Management …

Be ready for T2S (either as DCP or ICP)

Keep pace continuously with regulatory evolutions (either Global or Local).

Take advantage of native and real-time Connectivity at the best world Standards (Swift, ISO20022…)

Benefit form proven implementation methodology with configurable integration layer, for a time-to-market deployment

Keep a full Audit trail and history track change


Our client is both a Multi-local custodian, covering multiple countries through dedicated implementations, and a Global custodian from its main operation center.

Facing sharper competition and pressure on prices, our client decided to reduce costs drastically, and to implement high-end Hub Servicing.

This challenging initiative was possible to implement thanks to Megara. Our client elected for Megara to be used in one single operations center, and to connect directly to local CSD.

With Megara, this challenging new model is now a reality, from one single operation center to multi-local CSD connections. It’s been done within 20 months, taking advantage of Megara flexibility for local parametrization.

STP indicators increased drastically, and our Client is now ready to cover many more additional markets.


In this case, our client is a major local custodian serving institutional and retail clients. Taking advantage of regulation changes his strategy is to extend its activity to global custody and gain additional countries for Local Custody.

Previous platform was a complex network of legacy applications, under heterogeneous technologies, both expensive and highly risky: upgrading for more scalability seemed impossible. Our client’s Business Plan and Strategic ambitions needed a strong modernization and a real paradigm shift.

Megara met all expectations and requirements to support these ambitions, as a single integrated platform, getting rid of legacy applications.

After a 22-month project based upon mutual trust and proximity, our client is now delivering high class servicing for local and international institutional clients.

Additional to Wholesale Business, Real-Time connection to Megara of many banking networks also enable to serve a wide basis of Retail clients.

Megara’s Multi-Entity scalability, enables integrated and easy on-boarding of any new Custody activity.

Let’s change paradigm with Megara, and go for sharp increase of Business, everywhere!