The Future of Finance: Embracing Al Ethics in Regulatory Reporting – S3EP1

The Future of Finance: Embracing Al Ethics in Regulatory Reporting – S3EP1

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Hosted By Jawad Akhtar

Episode Show Notes

Welcome to FinTalk, the leading podcast in Financial Services that addresses the most pressing topics in the financial services industry.

In this episode, our host Jawad Akhtar is joined by renowned industry expert Anna Nicolis from Braithwate. Together, they discuss the importance of AI ethics within financial services, the challenges of regulatory compliance, and the management of AI risks.

This episode of FinTalk by VERMEG covers: 

    • The intersection of AI ethics with regulatory reporting and compliance.
    • The role of AI ethics in transforming risk management strategies within financial services.
    • How global regulations such as the EU AI Act are shaping industry standards.
    • Strategies for firms to adapt to rapid AI advancements and regulatory changes.

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Anna Nicolis:

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Episode Highlights

Anna Nicolis: “AI ethics within financial services is not just a new field but a crucial one for ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability.”

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