Embracing Business Transformation in the Financial Industry – S2E13

Embracing Business Transformation in the Financial Industry – S2E13

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Hosted By Jawad Akhtar

Episode show notes

Welcome to FinTalk by Vermeg, the leading podcast in the financial industry that addresses the most pressing topics in the world of regulatory reporting and risk regulation.

In this episode, our host Jawad Akhtar is joined by the renowned industry expert Brain Momoh, Senior Manager at Avantage Reply. Together, they delve into the crucial topic of business transformation, discussing the role of technology, the importance of governance, and navigating the challenges of legacy systems.

This episode of FinTalk by VERMEG covers: 

    • Understanding the Importance of Business Transformation
    • The Role of Technology in Driving Transformation
    • The Significance of Governance in Successful Transformations
    • Overcoming the Challenges of Legacy Systems in Banking

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Episode highlights

“Business transformation, or change transformation is effectively saying, hey, our business has got to evolve. It’s the process that takes you from wherever you are down to where you need to be.” – Brain Momoh


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