Pension Digital Coach Journey

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Our Value Proposition
VERMEG acelerará su transformación digital, atenuando las restricciones de los sistemas existentes y generando valor.

Current challenges

We are convinced that is critical to choose the right path to be successful. Thanks to its expertise, Vermeg decided to focus on differentiating journeys to support your challenge
Nowadays, retirement pensions are becoming a real issue for households. Unclear offers and complex regulatory changes are among the many factors that lead to misunderstandings.
Your challenge as insurers/banking agents is to make your offer attractive and understandable by radically changing your approach. The product only approach is no longer sufficient.
You now must be expectation/need-oriented. The target is to become a partner with an accessible and relevant offer, i.e. an essential and long-term partner.

Our proposal

  1. Definir los objetivos.
  2. Poner en marcha un plan de acción coherente.
  3. Comprobar la pertinencia (conciliar las necesidades actuales y futuras).
  4. Actualizar regularmente la estrategia de ahorro.

VERMEG Digital accelerators introducing

Veggo, nuestra plataforma de transformación digital, se basa en

una arquitectura abierta que se integra a la perfección en su sistema de información actual.

Ofrece una capa de abstracción comercial y técnica para conectar su sistema existente a un mundo digital abierto.

Veggo permite la rápida realización de una traslación digital adaptada a sus necesidades, integrada en su entorno existente y preparada para el futuro.

Key benefits

Significant improvement in sales performance
Real attractiveness to your offers, in line with your customer's real expectations
Significant reduction in operating costs.
You will become a true ``life partner``
An ability to enhance your offer with new products/services (cross-selling)

Our approach

Involve all stakeholders (Businesses and IT)
Deliver rapidly the production of digital content and journeys that provide immediate business impact.
Prove our agility and relevance through a 2-3-weeks’ pilot project, while clarifying and finalizing your needs
Guarantee the monitoring of your investments by respecting your ROI.

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