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Our Value Proposition
VERMEG acelerará su transformación digital, atenuando las restricciones de los sistemas existentes y generando valor.

Current challenges

Our Unique Value Proposition VERMEG will accelerate your digital transformation, alleviating legacy system constraints, and unleashing value. In regards to asset servicing activity for investment funds or UCIs, involving several of your business lines, you are faced with:
Customer process with multiple challenges
Time-consuming and costly deployment for each new product
Overly utilised customer support
Inefficient workload management across all stakeholders

Our proposal

VERMEG ofrece una traslación digital integral en 6 pasos clave para satisfacer a sus clientes de gestión de activos (gestores y agentes intermedios).

VERMEG Digital accelerators introducing

Palmyra, nuestra plataforma de transformación digital, se basa en una arquitectura abierta que se integra a la perfección en su sistema de información actual.

Ofrece una capa de abstracción empresarial y técnica para conectar su sistema existente a un mundo digital abierto.

Palmyra permite la rápida realización de una traslación digital adaptada a sus necesidades, integrada en su entorno existente y preparada para el futuro.

Key benefits

High level of customer satisfaction experience
Customer support dedicated to higher value-added tasks
Significant improvement in your lead times and implementing costs
Significant improvement in your lead times and implementing costs
Increased cross-selling between products and services

Our approach

Involve all stakeholders (Businesses and IT)
Deliver rapidly the production of digital content and journeys that provide immediate business impact
Prove our agility and relevance through a 2-3-weeks’ pilot project, while clarifying and finalizing your requirements
Guarantee the monitoring of your investments by respecting your ROI

They trust us