Insurance – Challenge – P&C Broker Digital Journey

Digital P&C Brokers

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Insurers are increasingly looking to work with brokers to sell their insurance products. To do so, they need to improve communication and performance across the entire process.

Many insurers have old-fashioned portals that lack digital features and are not user-friendly. These portals usually require heavy back-office backing to support brokers. This usually leads to not only a poor broker experience, but a high maintenance cost to maintain a bespoke portal.


VERMEG’s digital journey will guide the broker in an easy and seamless five-step process. The digital journey will provide an improved experience to your broker thanks to an up-to-date and adapted UI/UX. It will increase productivity thanks to P&C products that are easy to package and launch. This will lead to improved cost control as brokers will work faster and better, with standardized components. Additionally, VERMEG’s digital journey ensures that the broker complies with the advisory and regulatory obligations in effect.

How we can help

Improved Broker Experience
Better Risk Management Throughout the Journey
Smoother Collaboration Between Brokers and Insurers to Meet Business Objectives