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Better Understand Your Customer to Become a Life Partner

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It is becoming more and more difficult for insurance customers to understand the workings of pensions because of the complex and constant evolutions of laws and regulations. Customers are now looking for tailored solutions to fit their needs and help them prepare for the future. They want a product they can easily understand, that adapts, and that they can track. In essence, customers want their insurance companies to be their advisor and guide them throughout the different milestones of their lives.


VERMEG helps you gain an in depth understanding of your customer thanks to data and its complete digital pension and subscription journey. The digital journey provides an efficient process that integrates all life objectives in the conception of a life plan which is understood by your customer. This is in part possible because VERMEG helps the insurer collect comprehensive data on their customer to better understand their needs and propose the best savings strategy.

VERMEG is here to transform the insure into a life partner thanks to its open channel of communication, detailed report on customer asset’s and income evolution over time, and a savings strategy that adapts to the customer life changes.

How we can help

Reliable Customer Database
Clear and Accurate Visuals
Build trust with control and compliance