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Group Insurance

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Our Value Proposition
VERMEG will accelerate your digital transformation, alleviating legacy system constraints, and unleashing value.

Current challenges

In discussion with our Group Insurance clients, we have learned that many share the following constraints:
Highly manual process with operational risk
A cumbersome, complex and non-auditable underwriting/rating process
A sales process with too many touchpoints
Inefficient workload management

Our proposal

A seamless, end-to-end fully automated digital journey in 6 key steps, which addresses the needs of all stakeholders:

  • End customers.
  • Distributors and partners.
  • New Business department.
  • Operations department.

Our proposal will align a usually complex back office process with an agile digital sales journey.

VERMEG Digital accelerators introducing

Veggo, our digital transformation platform, is based on open architecture, seamlessly integrating into your existing IS.

It offers a business and technical abstraction layer to connect your legacy to an open digital world.

Veggo enables rapid delivery of a digital Journey adapted to your needs, integrated into your legacy environment and future proofed.


Key benefits

Improved user experience resulting in renewed customer satisfaction
Competitive edge in a highly competitive market (customer-focused sales process)
Harmonised data management and de-siloed organisation
Simplified and robust risk and compliance management

Our approach

Involve all stakeholders (Businesses and IT)
Deliver rapidly into production digital content and journeys that provide immediate business impact.
Prove our agility and relevance through a 2-3-week pilot project, while clarifying and finalizing your needs.
Guarantee the monitoring of your investments by respecting your ROI.

Client stories

They trust us