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More recently, central banks have globally taken an increasingly prominent role in stabilizing economic fluctuations and ensuring system stability and liquidity. In the yet-to-be-confirmed current recession, central banks have used open market operations and innovative financial arrangements to try to stall the recession. Increased variety in trading volumes and market activity are pushing execution, risk management, and processing capabilities to new levels. It’s time to go digital.


A comprehensive set of tools, analytics, and benchmarks, backed by a robust infrastructure, are necessary to provide the support needed to monitor changing market conditions and manage risk more effectively.


VERMEG has been a recognized central bank partner for more than 25 years. Our solutions have constantly adapted to evolving processing needs across multiple markets and , such as money markets, investment securities, foreign exchange, commodities, and all derivatives, with unparalleled flexibility.

MEGARA by VERMEG is in use by many central banks for their collateral management. It recently was granted the project to equip the European Central Bank for its collateral operation across the 19 Eurozone countries. The solution was designed to offer the highest STP rate and automation, flexibility, and capacities’ monitoring.

How we can help

Increased collateral efficiency for domestic, cross-border and liquidity management
Ensured compliance with changing regulatory requirements
Efficient risk management

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