Banking – Challenge – Corporate Actions

Automating Corporate Actions to Better Control the Full Processing Chain

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Corporate actions challenges are many and vary in complexity. They can be as simple as a name change or a stock split, or as complex as a merger or spin-off, with multiple elections, prorated consideration and unexpected tax consequences. Additionally, the nature of errors in corporate actions can result in considerable financial and regulatory risk, either from missed opportunities or incorrect payouts, or penalties for improper reporting.


VERMEG understands these challenges and their implications. As such, VERMEG created and developed MegaCor.

MegaCor manages the entire chain of the processing of Corporate Actions, starting from data cleansing to final execution and market claims. It also enables you to keep up with regulatory changes, either global or local. You can complete and process all your transactions in a secure way, as MegaCor keeps a full detailed audit trail of all changes.

VERMEG has developed a proven methodology that enables a speedy deployment thanks to its integration layer.