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making the underwriting process faster with digital transformation

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Group insurance offerings are increasingly complex and multi-faceted. With the understanding that consumers are viewing insurance with a big-picture perspective of their wealth, health, and career, several providers are now delivering a wide range of products and services to complement their core insurance offerings. These extra benefits are typically provided through strategic partnerships.

Building a relevant ecosystem of these “flex” benefits requires the right kind of visionary leaders at the helm.


Group insurance is rapidly becoming more customer-centric, and carriers who fail to recognize this will quickly fall behind. In discussion with our Group Insurance clients, we have learned that many share the following constraints:

  • A highly manual process with operational risk.
  • A sales process with too many touchpoints.
  • A cumbersome, complex and non-auditable underwriting/rating process.
  • Inefficient workload management.

VERMEG created end-to-end and seamless Group Insurance journeys to ensure renewed experience and guarantee customer satisfaction. These digital journeys cover the different steps from better understanding the customer needs and requirements, to constructing the offer with the appropriate pricing, to generating the proposal, issuing the contract, reviewing the process in real-time, to finally being able to manage contracts.

How we can help

Improved user experience resulting in renewed customer satisfaction
Simplified and robust risk and compliance management
Harmonised data management and de-siloed organisation