Insurance – Challenge – Group Insurance & Digital Journey

A Fluid Process for a Renewed Customer Experience

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Insurers are struggling to sell their group insurance products, using different and disconnected systems. The ability to offer a product adapted to your customer’s needs has become critical.  Currently all stakeholders communicate by mail or on paper, or through workflows that are not coordinated from end to end. The result is a lack of communication, data loss and errors in customer responses, which impact the performance of the entire process.


VERMEG created end-to-end and seamless journeys to ensure renewed experience and guarantee customer satisfaction. This digital journey covers the different steps from better understanding the customer needs and requirements, to constructing the offer with the appropriate pricing, to generating the proposal, issuing the contract, reviewing the process in real time, to finally being able to manage contracts.

The journey is made possible thanks to VERMEG’s accelerators, which will analyze customer needs, manage the product catalogue (for standard, packaged, custom products), the contract templates, and risk acceptance.

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Collaborative Process
Auditable and Compliant Process
Efficient Workload Monitoring