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Email processing digital journey

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Our Value Proposition
VERMEG will accelerate your digital transformation, alleviating legacy system constraints, and unleashing value. We’re proven in the field, delivering functional and financial advantage to our clients and partners.

Current challenges

Financial Institutions, and Corporate Investment Banks in particular, receive thousands of emails daily from their clients. Dozens or even hundreds of employees are required to manually process them, this is a major source of:
Operational Risk: High value transactions and key customer requests can be missed.
Manual Processing of e-mails is time consuming, error prone, limits growth and is financially expensive.
Client Satisfaction: Missed, or delayed execution on emailed requests can result in significant relationship issues. Many institutions aren’t even aware of client issues.

Our proposal

Our email processing solution scans and classifies emails, links them with relevant transactions from your backend systems, identifies the intent generates or even executes tasks automatically.

In addition, our solution analyses the tone and vocabulary used in order to assess client satisfaction, and if necessary, alert management.

The result is an automated email system that saves time, money and improves your customer relationships.

VERMEG Digital accelerators

Our accelerators are based on open architecture, seamlessly integrating with your existing IT

They offer a business and technical abstraction layer to connect your legacy systems to an open digital world. We have already integrated with a range of e-mail and back-office trading systems.

We structure our solution around our wide range of digital, technical and business components.  We will accelerate of your transformation!

Key benefits

Dramatically shorten email processing times: Cut email processing time from hours to seconds.
Cost and operational risk reduction through increased automation and standardization.
Improved Customer Satisfaction: Proactively address issues before they adversely affect the relationship.
Grow your Customer Base: Greater volumes can be managed without additional headcount.
Management Oversight: A comprehensive and intuitive user interface provides real-time tracking of email processing and accelerates decisions and prioritization.

Our approach

Involve all stakeholders (Businesses and IT)
Deliver digital content and journeys rapidly into production providing immediate business impact.
Prove our expertise and agility in a 2-3 week pilot project, while clarifying and finalizing your needs.
Accelerate Time to Value

They trust us

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