AGILE Verify
AGILE Verify

Simplify and Verify your XBRL reporting

Navigate the complexities of XBRL with AGILE Verify.
Visualize, validate, and verify XBRL files effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and regulator compliance.

Instant XBRL Visualization

Transform XBRL files into readable Excel templates instantly.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Ensure schema and dimensional validity for precise reporting.

Understand Validations

Easily understand complex validation rules and errors.

Understanding your XBRL Files

AGILE Verify addresses the inherent challenges of understanding generated XBRL files, by providing a user friendly solution to visualize and verify XBRL files directly within Excel, maintaining the original layout as prescribed by regulators.

This standalone, vendor agnostic tool is designed to support firms in overcoming the difficulties associated with rendering XBRL syntax accurately, offering an immediate way to ensure the correct formation of reports. By enabling schema and dimensional validation, AGILE Verify ensures that all XBRL files adhere to required standards, supporting business users in their regulatory reporting efforts. Whether dealing with EBA or UK XBRL Taxonomies, AGILE Verify simplifies the process, making XBRL data easily accessible and verifiable, thus enhancing compliance and reporting efficiency for firms.


Vendor-agnostic, works independently of AGILE.

Direct Excel visualization of XBRL files.

Schema and dimensional XBRL validation.

Supports EBA and UK XBRL taxonomies.

Verify Your XBRL Reporting

Unlock the full potential of your XBRL reporting with AGILE Verify.

Ensure compliance and accuracy today.

Unlock the full potential of your XBRL reporting
with AGILE Verify