AGILE Insight
AGILE Insight

Transform Data into a Strategic Asset

Harness the power of your regulatory data for insightful and advanced Business Intelligence with AGILE Insight. Customizable, user-friendly, and designed for immediate actionable insight.

Intelligent Data Utilization

Leverage regulatory data for deep business insights.

Custom Reporting Made Easy

Rapidly create bespoke reports and dashboards.

Seamless Tool Integration

3rd party integration without a data warehouse dependency.

Business Intelligence Redefined

AGILE Insight reimagines the use of regulatory data as a strategic asset for business intelligence, management information reporting and management dashboards.

With the high level of data quality checks regulatory data is subject to, it can be considered golden source. AGILE Insight enables organizations to unlock  the valuable insights this data provides, and which was previously hidden within reporting processes.

This business-friendly tool allows users to craft custom reports and dashboards, as well as utilize standard pre-built reports such as financial and regulatory KPIs, facilitating immediate operational benefits. With support for third-party tool integration, AGILE Insight ensures that valuable data is easily accessible, enhancing decision making without the need for traditional data warehouses or complex export processes.

Designed with business users in mind, AGILE Insight provides mobile-friendly views for on-the-go access to critical business intelligence, making it an indispensable tool for modern enterprises and senior executives.


Pre-built and custom BI reporting.

Dynamic dashboards for instant insights.

Easy report creation for business users.

Optimized for mobile, access anywhere.

Boost Your Business Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your regulatory data with AGILE Insight.

Dive into a world of insightful reporting today.

Unlock the full potential of your regulatory data with AGILE Insight.