Optimize Risk and Reporting

Elevate your regulatory reporting with AGILE Calcs, integrating comprehensive risk and calculation tools for unparalleled accuracy.

Increased Automation

Introduce end-to-end processing for efficient reporting.

Greater Transparency

Achieve clear insight from report to source data.

Modular Licensing

Tailor your solution with individually licensed calculations.

Transforming Risk and Regulatory Reporting

AGILE Calcs allows clients to transform their reporting into a fully integrated risk and reporting solution, providing for increased automation and value realization.

With the AGILE Calcs module clients benefit from reduced reconciliation whilst increasing the level of transparency across their entire reporting and calculation process, in support of BCBS 239 standards, with a full drill down made possible from report level data through to the source data.

AGILE Calcs is not only designed as an optional module but each of the Calculations themselves can also be licensed individually allowing firms the ultimate freedom and flexibility to design their solution in accordance to what works best for them.

Our comprehensive standardized calculations and allocations range from Basel IV to national statistical allocations and include Capital Adequacy, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk, Leverage Ratio, Liquidity and Large Exposures amongst many more.

In addition to our standard calculations, VEREMG have developed advanced capabilities to provide optimized Capital utilization calculations through Credit Risk Mitigation to improve your regulatory ratios and unlock capital.


Seamless integration with AGILE Ingest.

Broad range of regulatory calculations.

Customizable to firm-specific needs

Optimizes Capital utilization and ratios.

Increase Your Automation

Discover how AGILE Calcs can transform your reporting and risk management.

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Discover how AGILE Calcs can transform your reporting and risk management.