AGILE Assure

Streamline testing through automation

Embrace the evolution in testing regulatory change with AGILE Assure.
Improve quality, accelerate testing and lower the cost of being continually compliant.

Enhanced Testing Efficiency

Full automation to speed up testing cycles.

Elevated Data Quality

Increase testing quality with advanced analytics.

Reduced Compliance Costs

Lower the cost of ongoing compliance through automation.

Accelerate Regulatory Change

In the rapidly changing landscape of regulatory reporting, AGILE Assure brings new levels of automation, precision and efficiency to regulatory change, streamlining the path to continuous compliance. Drawing on lessons from big data, data science, AI, and ML, AGILE Assure introduces a DataOps approach to regulatory change, significantly reducing the time and cost of regression testing.

AGILE Assure’s fully automated test execution engine allows users to create baselines in their existing data, apply their change, and then regenerate their entire regulatory output from their source data, automated or with a click of the mouse. Incorporating sophisticated diffing tools it provides users with the ability to identify discrepancies at the most granular level, allowing testers to focus their attention where it matters.

AGILE Assure, leveraging OpenAPIs, integrates seamlessly with AGILE offering a future fit solution to manage regulatory change and lower the cost of compliance.


AGILE integration through OpenAPI.

Baseline your regulatory data before testing.

Automatically regenerate your regulatory data.

Sophisticated diffing for pinpoint accuracy.

Streamline Your Testing

Step into the future of regulatory reporting with AGILE Assure.

Automated regression testing for increased efficiency.

Step into the future of regulatory reporting with AGILE Assure.