AGILE Analytics

Increased Data Controls with Advanced Analytics

Gain greater control over your reported regulatory data with variance, trend and movement analytics, supporting you with a greater understanding of your data from one period to the next.

Proactive Defense

Identify concerns before regulators with dynamic analysis.

Customizable Analysis

Set custom tolerance levels for precise monitoring.

Enhanced Productivity

Integrated analytics for increased productivity.

Elevating Regulatory Insight and Control

AGILE Analytics is designed to fortify lines of defense in Regulatory Reporting, offering enhanced control and visibility over data. It enables quick identification of variances and trends that could signal potential issues, facilitating preemptive action.

Customizable tolerance levels and movement reports allow for detailed tracking and analysis, enhancing the ability to explain shifts in ratios or positions.

AGILE Analytics is integrated seamlessly within the core AGILE Suite, supporting document attachment to returns, data export for external analysis, and re importation, ensuring that all supplementary data is securely stored, improving explainability and auditability.

With AGILE Analytics, users achieve increased productivity and a robust analytical framework to support regulatory reporting and compliance.

Analytics Features

Interactive dashboards for real-time insights.

Flexible tolerance setting for alerts.

Seamless data import and export for analysis.

Secure audit trail for compliance tracking.

Improve Your Analytics

Leverage AGILE Analytics for deeper insights and regulatory readiness.

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Leverage AGILE Analytics for deeper insights and regulatory readiness