AI Transforming Financial Regulation: Insights from RegTech Associates – S3EP3

AI Transforming Financial Regulation: Insights from RegTech Associates – S3EP3

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Hosted By Jawad Akhtar

Episode Show Notes

Welcome to FinTalk, the leading podcast in financial services that addresses the most pressing topics in the banking and regulatory reporting industry.

In this episode, our host Jawad Akhtar is joined by renowned industry expert Emma Parry from RegTech Associates. Together, they delve into the dynamic role of AI in financial regulation, offering invaluable insights on how technology is being harnessed by central banks and the implications this has for market integrity and surveillance.

This episode of FinTalk by VERMEG covers: 

    • The innovative ways AI is being utilized by central banks for market surveillance and detecting economic shocks.
    • The role of digital sandboxes in testing market manipulation scenarios.
    • The concept of AI as a copilot in regulatory technology and its applications in financial services.
    • The challenges and opportunities presented by AI, including data governance and fraud prevention.

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Jawad Akhtar:

Emma Parry:

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Episode Highlights

“Central banks like the Bank of England and the ECB are using AI to monitor data quality for signs of unexpected economic shocks.” – Emma Parry.

“Banque de France is harnessing social media networks to estimate inflation perception, showcasing AI’s versatility.” – Emma Parry.

“AI in the financial sector is not yet fully trusted, but it is being used as a co-pilot, assisting with surveillance and insights.” – Emma Parry.

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