CCP Solutions

CCP Solutions by Vermeg
/ Modular and Digital CCP Solutions

CCPs are obligated to provide an efficient yet robust and consistent clearing and collateral infrastructure to adapt to regulatory changes and regional market best-practices.

Ensure consistent application of CCP policies and changes using VERMEG components and digital apps designed to interoperate with a CCP’s legacy IT infrastructure to achieve maximum automation.

VERMEG is here to help you meet today’s challenges

/ Managing post crisis regulation updates (EMIR, Dodd Frank, ASIC, JSF, MAS…)

/ Custodial and operational complexity (Regional, Triparty, Pledge…)

/ Collateral scarcity and evolving market conditions

/ Consolidating the management of multiple market infrastructures

/ The increasing exchange traded products volumes

/ Regional access to market liquidity providers can be fractured

/ Evolving KYC standards mean longer time-to-market for onboarding

VERMEG CCP Solutions

Key Benefits

/ A shared community of CCP users across the world and members to efficiently manage change initiatives.

/ Centralized and evolutive platform to address CCP and Clearing Members challenges.

/ Cloud offer to maximize infrastructure and support scalability.

/ A modern architecture focusing on exceptions management enabling CCPs to reduce operational risks and time-to-market.


/ Leaders in collateral management solutions for CCPs, Central Banks and Financial Institutions.

/ Digital solution expertise which compliments core legacy CCPs infrastructure.

/ Clearing members benefit from a scalable product to expediate onboarding of clients and products.

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