VERMEG’s MEGARA© is proud to be granted the prestigious 2023 Swift Certification label

VERMEG’s MEGARA© is proud to be granted the prestigious 2023 Swift Certification label


We are proud to announce that MEGARA© solution has successfully passed this year’s certification for Swift Compatible Applications 2023.

All validations have been completed and proved to be successful to qualify VERMEG for the Securities Settlement, Corporate Actions and Collateral Management labels.

“MEGARA Settlement” is a clearing and settlement solution that automates the full life cycle of securities transactions. It manages a wide variety of transactions types and offers native connectors to major CSDs, custodians and other market infrastructures.

“MEGARA Corporate Actions” is a flexible solution designed to relieve the customers from the burdens of managing the complexity and risk inherent to Corporate Actions. This solution offers a full automation of the process and natively embeds the international standards and all the Best Practices recommended by the regional Corporate Actions Working Groups.

“MEGARA Collateral Management” is a solution automating the processing of collateral for several possible uses and purposes: SBL, liquidity & monetary policy management, etc. This solution is being used by some major Custodians and Central Banks in Europe and elsewhere.


One of the main changes this year is the DateTime qualifiers harmonization across corporate actions messages. This change led to the introduction of new structured fields in MEGARA, to deal with the UTC DateTime format.

Based on this change, MEGARA for Corporate Actions can now benefit from the Swift harmonization of format options and support consistency in the presence of the field 98a qualifiers across announcement and confirmation messages.


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