Capital Markets – Challenge – Unit link order management & ALM

Boosting your unit-linked insurance business

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Unit linked insurance, typically sold via a “unit-linked insurance plan” or ULIP, is a type of insurance product that enables the holder to combine an investment portfolio in a range of qualified investments (for example, equities, bonds and/or mutual funds) with the coverage of an insurance policy.

Unit-linked products (ULPs) are a pillar of the global insurance industry. They combine individual investment strategies with the protection of an insurance policy under one plan, providing customers with an incentive to save in the long term, especially for retirement purposes.

Customer behaviours, demands and needs are constantly evolving, and unit-linked insurers need to navigate through:

  • Regulatory themes, relating to investment strategies, liquidity of assets held in unit-linked funds, policyholder redemption terms and liquidity risk management more widely
  • Consumer trends and value for money initiatives for unit-linked business
  • Aspect of the Solvency II 2020 reviews specific to unit-linked business
  • Challenges presented by Covid-19

We had a record number of unit-linked subscriptions in the last couple of years in Europe. For 2020, inflows will be limited according to the FIF numbers for March 2020, but the unit-linked products volumes are still strong, similarly to the stock markets volumes which were multiplied by 3 during the same month.


Soliam by VERMEG is an end to end unit-linked investment management solution for insurance companies. It covers all types of investment management, from the automation of the order placement workflow on external funds to the control of funds under management mandates.

Throughout the implementation of our Unit Linked ALM engine, Soliam’s advantages include automatization and maximum control of the entire processing chain.

Services provided by VERMEG are beyond IT: we empower our clients with more agility, security and autonomy. We do that by providing them with a single, integrated platform, relying on a single database, from front to back and across all asset classes, giving them the tools they need to make optimal investment decisions.

How we can help

Accelerating and securing your business processes by relying on a fully integrated platform
Controlling your financial risk by improving the monitoring of the Asset & Liability Management
Industrializing the order workflow for both securities and cash