Securities Finance Technology SYMPOSIUM 2023

Securities Finance Technology SYMPOSIUM 2023


VERMEG is sponsoring and taking part at
The Securities Finance Times Technology Symposium in London next week.

Wassel Dammak will be participating on the ‘Collateral: Innovation or Stagnation Panel
where the following topics will be covered:

Specific goals that individuals and organisations aim to achieve through innovation in collateral management, moving beyond vague notions to pinpoint concrete objectives

Transcend technological barriers to uncover the real hurdles and impediments that often hinder the realization of these goals.  

Address the pursuit of more cost-effective and efficient collateral management teams and examine the various factors that either enable or hinder this ambition

Investigate the demand for standardized and machine-readable collateral schedules, drawing from relevant industry insights and explore how this aspiration aligns with market realities

Shed light on the desire to streamline portfolio reconciliation and settlement processes, discussing the noise and friction that can disrupt these essential operations

If you’re attending don’t miss out! Come say hello to the VERMEG team at booth number 9

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