Capital Markets – Challenge – ISO 20222 Compliance

Seamless Migration to ISO 20022 to Mitigate Risks and Cut Costs

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Several financial institutions are moving to ISO 20022 at different paces, using varying approaches and need to consider the emergence of new market infrastructures and standards.

The challenges are not only related to modernizing infrastructure, successfully completing a technical migration, but also better services capabilities brought by the messaging upgrade and managing several standards and their different versions simultaneously.


The Xchanger by VERMEG solution enables you to streamline and centrally manage all incoming and outgoing cash and securities’ flows.

Thanks to its integration capabilities and its configured ISO/FIN message library, it enables our customers to meet deadlines and reduce costs and risks by integrating quickly and simply into their IT architecture and by capitalizing on existing systems.

Xchanger by VERMEG already manages production messages according to ISO 150022 and 20022 standards for many leading financial institutions.

How we can help

Co-existence and interoperability of several Standards (ISO 15022 and ISO 20022)
Management of Proxy-Voting processes in the SRD II standard
Can be extended to all types of In-Out messages (other standards, internal formats)