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Agile Reporter


  • コスト削減とリスク低減
  • 効率の最適化
  • 組み込みの規制変更管理
  • ストレート・スルー・プロセッシング管理
  • 上級管理者の認証義務
  • グローバルな法規制報告の確実性
  • 機械で読める規制報告書の準備

AGILE Reporter schémas

AGILE Reporter value for our clients

Calculation & allocation: Comprehensive calculations from Basel III risks to national statistical allocations
Ratios: Credit & Market Risk, Leverage, Liquidity Coverage, Large Exposures, IRFS standard computations, integration of models and own analysis reporting
International reporting: Coverage including EBA & ECB (COREP, AnaCredit etc), and multiple international regulators in EU, UK, US, and MAS, HKMA, APRA and others
Added value: Capital utilisation, CFO & management information, dashboard status, threshold alerts, key performance metrics
Change management: VERMEG regulatory change management includes horizon management, impact analyses, data deltas and reporting update service
Workflow and maximised automation: Validations, variance, trend and other sanity checks achieve optimised straight-through processing
Process control: Enjoy ‘exceptions only’ intervention & instantly traceable attestation & approval audit trail
Sized & delivered to suit you: Choose from enterprise-wide full automation, or local last mile, on premise, in the cloud or Regulatory-Reporting-As-A-Service

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