Vermeg Life

Vermeg Life provides insurers with a single system to manage every aspect of their life business from policy and claims administration to the fast development and distribution of new products.

Vermeg Life

Vermeg Life offers a very flexible and highly configurable product workbench that allows the development of new products in a very short timeframe. Along with its integrated portal, Vermeg Life enables you to issue new products with an extremely low time-to-market by removing IT from the critical path of new products launch.

From savings to protection and health, from individual to group insurance, Vermeg Life supports an extended range of products across multiple countries, all based on a single code base.

Vermeg Life supports your digital transformation through its SOA architecture and STP features. To further enable STP and paperless processes, Vermeg Life also provides an integrated portal for agents and brokers that includes a wide range of functionalities, including online illustrations and quotation management.

As insurers often have to cope with inflexible legacy systems, Vermeg Life has been designed to integrate seamlessly in complex IT landscapes as well as scale for high volumes.

With a unique combination of modern technologies, agile solution design and business expertise, Vermeg Life enables you to strongly reduce operational costs and optimize your TCO.

Last not least, Vermeg Life has been continuously followed by market analysts Celent and Gartner that recognize Vermeg Life as a key player in the European life insurance market.


  • Extensive coverage of all policy administration processes
  • Fast product development for low time-to-market
  • TCO optimization
  • Digital enabled & integrated portal with STP support
  • SaaS deployment option