Vermeg Corporate Actions

Vermeg Corporate Actions is a scalable solution providing automation of core corporate actions processing to be able to deal with high volumes in a very efficient way.

Vermeg Corporate Actions

Vermeg Corporate Actions is a very flexible and highly configurable application. It can be deployed in many countries with a minimum effort of customization.

Vermeg Corporate Actions embeds a message broker that facilitates the integration with external systems and the communication with custodians..


Vermeg Corporate Actions is also the result of a strong partnership with our clients. As they are all involved in driving changes in market practices, especially the new project Target 2 Securities (T2S), they drive the implementation of ongoing changes in the most relevant way.


  • Golden copy capture and maintenance
  • The whole event lifecycle
  • High flexibility of notification processing (Media, frequency, etc)
  • Reconciliation feature
  • Native support of the new standard including Market claims and buyer protection processing
  • Modern communication capability (Including ISO20022 messaging)
  • Links to CSDs and ICSDs
  • SWIFT Messaging
  • Modular & Flexible design