VERMEG is granted the prestigious 2021 SWIFT Certification label - Vermeg
VERMEG is granted the prestigious 2021 SWIFT Certification label

VERMEG is granted the prestigious 2021 SWIFT Certification label

2021-09-08 - Worldwide

We are proud to announce that our MEGARA© solution has successfully passed this year’s validation for SWIFT Certified Applications.

MEGARA was among the very first products to be certified by Swift since the creation of the Swift certification labels many years ago.

The following modules of MEGARA© have been certified compatible with SWIFT Release 2021: Securities Settlement, Corporate Actions and Collateral Management.

SWIFT Compatible Application Collateral Management 2021_web (1)

SWIFT ComApatible Application _Securities_Settlement 2021_web

SWIFT Compatible Application Corporate Actions 2021_web

” MEGARA Settlement “ is a clearing and settlement solution that automates the full life cycle of securities transactions. It manages a wide variety of transactions types and offers native connectors to major CSDs, custodians and other market infrastructures.

” MEGARA Corporate Actions “ is a flexible solution designed to relieve the customers from the burdens of managing the complexity and risk inherent to Corporate Actions. This solution offers a full automation of the process and natively embeds the international standards and all the Best Practices recommended by the regional Corporate Actions Working Groups.

” MEGARA Collateral Management” is a solution automating the processing of collateral for several possible uses and purposes: SBL, liquidity & monetary policy management, etc.. This solution is being used by some major Custodians and Central Banks in Europe and elsewhere.

Designed with state-of-the-art technology, MEGARA© is an award winning modular suite that is used by key players in the Securities Services industry in the five continents.

MEGARA was designed to increase Straight Through Processing, thus allowing customers to focus only on managing exceptions through pre-built comprehensive dashboards.


SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

SWIFT, legally named S.W.I.F.T. SCRL, provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment. SWIFT also sells software and services to financial institutions, much of it for use on the SWIFTNet network, and ISO 9362 Business Identifier Codes (BICs, previously Bank Identifier Codes), popularly known as “SWIFT codes”.