Tier One Bank signs for Email Processing - Vermeg

Tier One Bank signs for Email Processing

2021-09-03 - Worldwide

VERMEG is delighted to announce that an additional tier one international bank has signed up for our edge of the envelope (pun intended!) Email Processor (EMP). EMP uses business-oriented intelligence to deliver efficiency and quality improvements to the financial services industry.

Manual processing of email can be slow, costly and error prone. Our Email processor integrates with any back-end legacy system, scans the content to identify intent and can generate and (optionally) execute tasks automatically. It frees up your staff to focus on value-enhancing activities for their employers and its stakeholders.

Key Benefits:

  • Shorter Email processing times
  • Reduced Operational Cost and Risk
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Management Oversight

Here’s a quick video (1 min 34 seconds) which provides an overview