Vermeg Collateral Management

Vermeg Collateral Management is a multi-entity solution that enables flexibility in collateral allocation.

Vermeg Collateral Management

Vermeg Collateral Management supports at the same time multi-pooling and per contract management. The diversity of supported instrument types added to its scalability allows the deployment of Vermeg Collateral Management in various types of business and technical environments.   

The scalable features provide automation of core collateral management functionalities to be able to deal with high volumes in a very efficient way.


  • Need for Liquidity management
    Efficient collateral management
    Optimization of the collateral allocation
    Tri-Party and DBV operations
  • Need to use more types of instruments in the collateral
    Clear classification of the instruments
    Eligibility of the instrument
  • Need for monitoring the risks
    Diversification limit, Concentration Limit, Haircut …
    Operational risk
  • Fully compliant with Euro-System central banks