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VERMEG empowers Talents

For Vermeg, creating value means that all our employees are empowered to manage their own evolution, just as vermeg evolves!

Evolution is at the very heart of Vermeg. We have set up significant actions to promote talent and mobility along a motivating career process.

Well-being matters at Vermeg, and even more appetite for innovation: we are convinced to succeed in moving towards better future, because Vermeg’s men and women are passionate to innovate, apply new methods and deliver value.

VERMEG empowers Diversity

Vermeg promotes Gender and Cultural Diversity. We are passionate for technology, and even more passionate for human. To succeed in digital transformation, time-to-market deliveries and innovative services, Vermeg brings together talents coming from all backgrounds.

VERMEG is a distinctive company, where every woman or man is empowered to bring initiative, experience, sense and awareness to the team. Together, let’s be Committed, Ingenious & Authentic!

vermeg academy, beyond training

As from the very first day, you will be attending a 3-day Welcome Training, to discover Vermeg’s ecosystem and strategy to conceive, develop, customize and deliver software and digital solutions for Insurance and Finance.

You will also discover how much Vermeg cares about the deep understanding of its clients, team spirit for success, continuous improvement and learning.

VERMEG Academy is more than training, it is a spirit of mind. At Vermeg Academy, continuous training and sparring is delivered on international business trends and issues, on technical knowledge and innovation, on skills for personal improvement. With Vermeg Academy, let’s also open our minds as citizens of the World.

Our Ambassadors!

VERMEG has provided me with an opportunity to work for a globally recognized company. Not only is this exciting, but it also brings new challenges and opportunities to work with…

I’d say that this job is for ‘everyone who…’: - everyone who likes to learn every day – there is so much to know: discovering functionalities of systems that constantly…

“Working at Vermeg meant choosing an ambitious and solid business project and having the opportunity to contribute to the success of fast-growing solutions. It also means value working with high-performance teams,…

When I came to Vermeg in 2005, I had no previous experience. Through clever and individualized coaching and empowerment, Vermeg offered me the chance of climbing up the ladder: from…

Cela fait plus de 15 ans que je travaille dans le domaine de l’édition et l’intégration de systèmes d’information. Dès que mon aventure Vermeg a commencé, j’ai eu un sentiment d’appartenance…

Why Vermeg? Because it’s one of the best software publishing companies, and because it’s a company with Tunisian origins that has proved itself internationally. It was my first step into the…

A business, a family, meetings, opportunities and a perpetual challenge - these are the words that come to me when I think of the Vermeg experience. I joined Vermeg in 2001,…

Today, after twelve years, I am... a proven ‘Vermegian’! It’s been nothing but challenges and emotions... Vermeg is not just a financial software publisher, it is: ... an attitude and…

We’re hiring… Talents!

Are you seeking challenge ?

Whether in Technologies, Digital experience, Insurance or Finance Business, VERMEG will help you express your talents!

Exciting challenges are waiting for you, whatever the level of your experience.

We need expertise, commitment, empathy, out-of-the-box thinking, ambition, respect, cultural diversity, common sense, excellence & experience…

So ? Just come as you are, because if you lack some of these qualities, you will just acquire them at VERMEG!

VERMEG’s Women & Men are committed, client oriented, with a great sense of responsibilities and solidarity. Their philosophy: Committed, Ingenious & Authentic

Because VERMEG’s Success needs more of YOUR Talents, we’re hiring continuously:

  • Digital Designers & Service Oriented Architects
  • Business Analysts & Experts (Insurance, Wealth Management, Securities Services…)
  • Project Managers,
  • Analyst Developers,
  • Technical Architects,
  • Pre-Sales & Sales…

How do we select Candidates? Just the simple way: being transparent, clear and direct.
Ending in a competitive salary and an attractive wage package.