Vermeg Institutional Management

Vermeg Institutional Management is Vermeg’s turnkey solution to run your portfolio management activity from front-office and investment decisions to back-office and portfolio accounting.

Vermeg Institutional Management

Vermeg Institutional Management manages efficiently the most complex portfolio structures in a context of fast moving markets, multi-regulatory requirements and increasing compliance needs.

Vermeg Institutional Management supports investment decision-making and risk control through powerful front-office features, indicators and strategies. Its integration of back, middle and front-office functions within a single platform is essential to ensure that you always have an up-to-date vision of your portfolios.

Vermeg Institutional Management provides your middle office and risk department with the tools needed to monitor compliance (real-time compliance rules validation, post-trade analysis, audit trail) and ensure your company’s investment policies and evolving regulation rules are managed efficiently.

Vermeg Institutional Management offers you a whole set of configurable accounting transactions and automatic closing processes. Parallel multi-GAAP and fast-closing processes ensure the timely publication of your results to the market.

Vermeg Institutional Management also offers advanced asset/liability adjustment for unit linked products, encompassing aggregation and netting of orders, optimization of asset / liability adjustment and management of financial risk related to orders execution.


  • Automation and integration
  • Fast accounting processes
  • Operational risk management
  • Control of financial risk
  • Integrated reporting tools
  • Asset/liability adjustment for unit linked products
  • SaaS deployment option with middle office services