Faster! How to respond to the needs of the banking and insurance markets in real time

In an increasingly volatile economic framework, the very logic behind the design of insurance and banking products must be completely rethought in order to reach the time-to-market speed required for the pre-emption of new parts. The finished product no longer matters as much as its future adaptability to new needs, which are now changing too quickly.And it is this constant imperative for innovation that is shaking up the banking and…

Microservice and back office: two focal points for the insurance and finance software market in the next five years

Finance and insurance players have accumulated application tools over the past decade: some have several hundred of them, implemented internally layer after layer.Over the past 10 years, the digital revolution has put pressure on IT directors to make increasingly elaborate and intuitive web and mobile interfaces available to end customers. The digital revolution began with the appearance of websites, then web applications, then finally, mobile applications and connected objects.Absorbed by…

Blockchain: will asset management eventually become completely decentralised?

There is great excitement about the arrival of blockchain among those who consider the decentralisation of financial asset management as a remedy for the slowdown in its growth. And yet, the majority of asset managers seem to have finally overcome the hype generated by this promising technology and are now asking themselves the right questions: what are the current limits of blockchain? What are its regulatory requirements? And what are…