Technology’s Role in the Future of Collateral Management with Wassel Dammak - Vermeg
Technology’s Role in the Future of Collateral Management with Wassel Dammak

Technology’s Role in the Future of Collateral Management with Wassel Dammak – #7

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Hosted By Jawad Akhtar


Wassel Dammak, Director of Product Strategy – VERMEG

Episode show notes

Collateral optimisation is set to be a hot topic for the years to come, with a newfound focus on automation and efficiency. This makes the mastery of your systems and processes absolutely vital.


VERMEG’s Wassel Dammak brings us a look into the tools and methods through which this can be achieved, bringing COLLINE, machine learning and artificial intelligence to the forefront of the conversation.


This episode of The VERMEG podcast covers:

  • How collateral optimisation can enable automation and efficiency by pledging the optimal collateral
  • Considerations around constraints, be they legal, operational, or business constraints
  • COLLINE’s email extractor, and how machine learning/artificial intelligence can help streamline processes
  • Horizon scanning, and where technology will solve impending challenges

Episode highlights

“When it comes to collateral optimization, I think this topic is one of the hottest topics this year and for the next few years. Now that the regulations are more or less behind us, now there is a focus again on automation and efficiency.” – 1:50 – Wassel Dammak


“You need to think about having that transparency across your inventory, so that you know what inventory to use for your optimization and how to move it quickly as well. So this is the first thing that you need to prepare – you need to prepare the foundation of the collateralization optimization runs.” – 3:25 – Wassel Dammak


“We onboarded within COLLINE a digital component called Email Processor – some people call it an email extractor – that will extract the email from your inbox and read that email. There is no need to have a pre-formatted email, it will rely on keywords and certain capabilities for machine learning & AI capabilities.” – 7:55 – Wassel Dammak


“The email processing element of it is a digital offering part of VERMEG’s digital toolkit, right? I know we’re talking about it in terms of collateral management, but actually it’s a wider offering, it’s not limited to margin calls for example.” – 10:40 – Jawad Akhtar


“There have been, for the last 12 years, a lot of investments in the collateral space, mainly driven by regulations. There’s a lot of investments around connectivity through native API’s and the cloud as well. All those things that have been pushed by the regulations, but then by the efficiency and how to make things more automated.” – 11:45 – Wassel Dammak


“We don’t have to put the technology in front of the problem, we need first to see what the problem is, then see what is the technology that can help to solve that problem. Of course, the solution may be a combination between existing technology and the future technology as well. There is no one recipient for that.” – 13:20 – Wassel Dammak