Getting Ready for Phase 5 Initial Margin Implementation - Vermeg
Getting Ready for Phase 5 Initial Margin Implementation

Getting Ready for Phase 5 Initial Margin Implementation


M Requirements, ISDA Documents & Streamlined IM Negotiation

6 Raffles Boulevard
14 Jan, 2020

VERMEG will be attending ISDA Initial Margin Implementation Conference in Singapore. Delegates will be given the opportunity to meet with the VERMEG team of business matter experts and learn more about VERMEG’s extended banking products suite.

For market participants who will be or anticipate becoming subject to initial margin (“IM”) exchange requirements under the uncleared margin rules in September 2020 (Phase 5), and their advisors, this conference will provide delegates with an overview of the US, EU and Singapore IM regulatory requirements. It will also provide delegates with a detailed understanding of ISDA’s new IM credit support documentation and implications of various elections under the documentation in negotiations between counterparties, as well as introduce delegates to documentation that can be used for IM arrangements between custodians and trading counterparties in different jurisdictions, including specific documents designed for use where the IM is held in a Euroclear or Clearstream account. Additionally, the program will provide an introduction to ISDA SIMM and an overview of the ISDA Create – IM negotiation platform, which allows parties to leverage technology to streamline their IM negotiation process.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.