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COVID – 19 – VERMEG’s Smart Business Resumption Plan

COVID – 19 – VERMEG’s Smart Business Resumption Plan

2020-05-04 -

MAY 4, 2020

VERMEG is adopting a “Smart Business Resumption Plan” (Smart BRP), based on a principle of “intelligent deconfinement”, a mix between progressive deconfinement and selective deconfinement.
The strategy of the Smart BRP is following the VERMEG’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP): Our BCP focuses on sustaining the organization’s functions during, and after an incident for a specified period of time. The BRP addresses a return to Business-As-Usual and covers interim requirements to continue operations immediately following the crisis period.

VERMEG puts the protection, the health and the well-being of its employees at the top of its priorities. The Smart BRP aims to keep employees safe following the deconfinement, by identifying potential risks and implementing preventative measures.

Taking advantage of its successful Covid-19 BCP, VERMEG Smart BRP, will guarantee more agile mode of working, adoptable to any new pandemic waves that may be more acute than the first, while ensuring the entire continuity of business upon our customers’ expectations.

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