Custodians and asset servicers

As a custodian, you are the linchpins of domestic and international settlements. You have to deal with a challenging business environment along with on-going regulation restrictions and pressure on prices. You have to control your IT cost while the need for new client services and the compliance to new standards and regulations is growing. You may want to expand your operations in new markets or expand your services to other segments, but you have to consider your time-to-market and to control you IT budget.

With client data protection and client services hot on the agenda, your goal is to create a secure working environment along with high processing volume where investor’s assets can be segregated and protected.

Our goal at Vermeg has always been to grant custodians, central depositories and asset servicers total control of the transaction lifecycle to help them offer an increase in service quality and meet customers’ expectations.

Our solutions allow the processing of high volume transactions in multi-entity configuration. They are designed to meet on-going changes in regulation and business models.  They optimize efficiency and reduce manual processing, which help reduce costs and operational risk, support growth and improve client services.

Your solutions : Vermeg Corporate Actions, Vermeg Securities, Vermeg Collateral Management