Central Banks

As a central bank, you play a pivotal role in the management of the monetary policy and you need superior systems support, especially for collateral administration and risk management. The increased need for liquidity places pressure on you when processing higher volumes of transactions while focusing on reducing exposure risk and on controlling accepted collateral instruments.

Therefore, it is crucial, for you to provide a full STP environment with secure management controls and real-time monitoring features, to get top quality integration and communication technology, ensuring total control of the transaction throughout its lifecycle, risk mitigation and diversification of collateral instruments.

You also face increasing demand in optimizing collateral allocation and in monitoring intra-day liquidity with a volume of processed transactions that keeps growing and you need to comply with Tri-Party Collateral operation.

We, at Vermeg, aid regulatory compliance, optimize efficiency and reduce manual processing, giving you the ability to reduce costs and operational risk, support growth and improve client services.

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