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AGILE Reporter

  • The same data that regulators find interesting about your firm should be of interest to you too!
  • Data submitted to regulators will be the best your firm has – it has been through AGILE Reporter’s reconciliations and validations, management approval and completion audit workflows.  Re-use it!
  • AGILE MI (management information) is an easy AGILE Reporter add-on. It unlocks all the insights from your regulatory data.
  • Risk and MI dashboards for ILAAP and ICAAP monitoring for capital, liquidity and more…​​

Regulator Defence

Out-of-the-box dashboards for KPIs we know regulators calculate themselves from your submitted data.

Infinitely Customisable​

Create your own charts and dashboards to see the time evolution of the metrics and indicators that matter to your business.

Digital Transformation

AGILE MI  is mobile and tablet friendly, bringing C-suite level insights while on the go.

Zero Config

AGILE MI is a simple add-on to AGILE Reporter. Dashboards are generated from the latest regulatory returns in the system – data you already have.

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Reduce your TCO. Let VERMEG handle the IT complexity

AGILE Assure

Bring the DataOps revolution to your regulatory data management 

Digital Transformation

Extend, customise and innovate with AGILE Design Studio and PALMYRA