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Terms of use

1) Definitions

Acceptance: The agreement by the Visitor to be bound by the current Terms of use.

Internet: The world wide network of connected servers and features enabling computers to access information using the http protocol, and through which this website is accessible.

Terms of use: The current document and any of its past or future versions.

Visitor: A third party accessing the website through the internet.

Website: The current various pages and technical features bundled together containing digitalized information, including links to other websites, accessible to a public audience through the Internet.

2) Publisher

The publisher of this website is:

Vermeg N.V. (hereby called Vermeg)

Strawinskylaan 411 (WTC, Tower A, 4th floor)

1077 XX, Amsterdam, Netherlands

registered in the Netherlands, Trade register # 24335069

Vermeg may change any of the information contained in this website without notice.

3) Purpose of the site

The current Website is published to grant an easy and permanent access to various information related to Vermeg and its software products and related services.

4) License

Vermeg hereby grants a free, personal, non-transferable license to Visitor, who accepts it, to access the information contained in the Website for the sole purpose of (i) finding any information related to Vermeg, its software products, its services and its agents in order to evaluate the business opportunity to license a Vermeg software product, or/and (ii) to access any relevant general information Vermeg may wish to publish. Visitor hereby commits to respect the various copyrights listed in the Intellectual Property rights section.

5) Restrictions

Any usage of the site for any other purpose than the above-listed ones is forbidden.

6) Warranties

No warranties expressed or implied are hereby granted by Vermeg to Visitor with respect to the information contained in this site, or in any site to which access is possible from a hyperlink of the Website.

7) Severability

If any provision of the Term of use is deemed unenforceable, then (i) it shall be replaced by the closest enforceable provision that would respect the original intention of Vermeg, and (ii) the other provisions should remain in force.

8) Governing law and jurisdiction

The Terms of use and the usage of the Website by Visitor shall be governed by the laws of the kingdom of the Netherlands. Any dispute that could not be solved between parties should be judged exclusively by the courts of Amsterdam.