OeKB choses Megara®

April 24, 2017

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) and Vermeg, the leading Software Provider for Financial Markets and Securities Services, are glad to announce that on last February 2017, a major step has been done for the Austrian Securities Market, by connecting to Target 2 Securities (T2S).

OeKB, the Austrian Central Securities Depositary (CSD), is now live on T2S, using Megara Software for Corporate Actions.

Megara is a best-of-breed Software for Settlement and Corporate Actions Processing, using last ISO 20022 and best practices from CAJWG (Market standards for corporate actions processing). Megara will also ensure the initiation and the right execution of the claims and the transformations settled in T2S.

Vermeg is also very proud to have set up the foundations of a long-term and trustworthy partnership with OeKB, as a major Key player in Central Europe.


About Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft (OeKB):

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft (OeKB) is Austria's main provider of financial and information services to the export industry and the capital market. True to its mandate to support the Austrian economy, OeKB has served trade and industry since the institution's founding in 1946.

More information at http://www.oekb.at/en


About Vermeg :

Vermeg is a leading provider of software solutions for the finance and insurance sectors. Its solutions are offered in 20 countries and it has operations in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Tunisia. With a workforce of more than 700, it develops and markets software solutions and services for insurance, asset management, private equity, market infrastructure and securities businesses.

More information at www.vermeg.com.