“For Vermeg, being a responsible business lies at the heart of our human adventure and the very essence of the engaged software company we aim to be for all of our stakeholders.
As a key player in the financial industry, our mission is to offer the best solutions available to advise and support individuals, businesses and institutions in the development of their projects and to ensure a positive long-term impact on the business, social and environmental world around us.

Since the founding of the company, Founder and Chairman Badreddine Ouali has engaged the company and its employees in initiatives directed towards improving life and society. Our values – Committed, Ingenious, Authentic – and our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility set Vermeg apart as a radically different human adventure.

In 2016, we pursued our determined approach by deciding to drive our whole ecosystem forward, sustainably, involving every one of our employees, in every country where we operate, in making Vermeg exemplary in everything it does. To achieve our goal, this year we initiated the “Empowered by Vermeg” program, reaching all the way through to the highest levels of the company, in order to build, steer and measure the fulfilment of our commitments.

It is my firm belief that Vermeg must stand out on the market as much for its collective intelligence and knowhow as for its demonstration of the values and ethics that unite and give meaning to our day-to-day actions. As you will discover, Vermeg makes that demonstration in concrete terms and ranks as a leading financial player in Europe for its achievements as a responsible publisher.

The Group is wholly committed to robust and responsible action in the service of its clients. That commitment relies on all of us, and on our exemplary behaviour both individually and collectively. I am convinced that Vermeg’s leadership model, driven by our employees’ capacity to be empowered and built on our solid values, will further strengthen our position as one of the world’s most responsible IT firms.”

Badreddine OUALI, Executive Chairman

Vermeg joined the " United Nations Global Compact ", in June 2018, and thus supports its social and societal component. Vermeg is committed to applying the 10 fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption, and to report annually on progress made.


Statement of Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO)

Vermeg includes a mix of different races, ethnic origins, religions, sexual orientations, cultures and mother tongues. Our diversity makes us what we are. Our commitment to diversity enables us to leverage a remarkable wealth of talent to recruit and retain the best employees in the world and to provide innovative solutions to the most complex challenges our clients face.

Vermeg is committed to creating a diversified environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer for all qualified individuals. Our Policy prohibits discrimination in employment without distinction, exclusion, or preference based on race, color, ancestry, ethnic origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender expression, civil status, age, religion, political convictions, social status or disability. All staff actions, including, but not limited to, pay, benefits, transfers, and lay-offs are based on the principle of equal employment opportunities.

The goal of Vermeg is to increase diversity through the representation of women, people of color, people of diverse gender identities and sexual orientation, and people with disabilities. Our programs are designed to comply with all applicable state and local laws and regulations, and cover all human resource actions, including employment, remuneration, transfers, promotions, and social and recreational programs. »

Fundraising dinner for « La Marjolaine », a foster house welcoming children for educational or social purposes, Belgium, Oct. 26, 2016.
Vermeg participated in the Women’s Economic Empowerment Conference under the patronage of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany, Nov.9-10, 2015.
Women’s Economic Empowerment Conference, Vermeg signing the Women Empowerment Principles, Nov.9-10, 2015
Peer-to-peer Agreement between Thyssenkrupp and Vermeg